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Flexible. Lightweight.
Magnet attracting
And extremely economical.

Now, there's a patented new process that "re-invents steel" to produce the world's first flexible wall mat! Its called Marflex. And it promises to revolutionize North Americas $600 million display board industry. Why? Flexible, lightweight and magnet attracting, Marflex is designed to replace all kinds of rigid display boards. And with its low initial cost, and lower costs of shipping, handling, storage and installation, the all-new Marflex can give any rigid board a real run for its money.

Marflex is stiff competition
From this day forward, conventional boards are in for some stiff competition. Compared to the awkward conventional boards, often weighing over 100 lbs., a light-weight Marflex board can be easily mounted on any wall by one person. That's because a 4'x8' Marflex board weighs less than 18 lbs.! Plus, Marflex boards of any size can be rolled up, shipped and stored in a tube. That means greater sales potential for retailers who have traditionally been able to stock conventional boards only to a maximum size of 3'X4'! with Marflex display boards, the choice has never been broader ...or the handling, transportation, display, installation and storage so easy.

Get the flexible Marflex advantage...
Marflex steel-like mats can be faced with white or chalk writing surfaces, and can also be adhesive-backed and silk screened in any way you want.
Lower initial cost
•   Marflex sells for up to 35 per cent less than rigid boards

Lower installation costs
•   Marflex weighs 85% less than conventional steel boards, eliminating the expensive labour required to install the heavy old-style of board

Lower shipping & storage costs; less damage
•   Marflex can be rolled up and stored in a tube for fast, low cost shipping and reduced returns due to damage in transit

A whole new market

•   Marflexs' lower cost will bring magnet attracting white boards to those customers who cannot presently justify the cost of a conventional board

Display boards are just the beginning...
With versatile Marflex, display boards are just the beginning. Among the many other applications currently under development are:
•   Game boards (single or double-sided)
•   A resurfacing skin for damaged chalk and white boards in offices and schools
•   Portable projection screens
•   POP displays
•   Trade show walls and displays
Talk to us - we're flexible!
There are many applications where the versatile and economical new steel-like mat called Marflex can be used. So give us a call. Whether your business Is display boards, game boards, or POP displays, Marflex is reinventing the steel!

For more information,
call 1-800-465-6244.

About our inventor and president
After over 20 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing and marketing of conventional magnetic display boards, the inventor, Bob Marshall (whose grandfather and father were both involved in the steel industry) emerged with a mission. Marshall questioned why wall-mounted boards needed to be heavy and rigid, when they were being mounted onto an already rigid wall? Armed with this simple question, he undertook the challenge of "Reinventing The Steel." Today, in cooperation with a world-wide chemical manufacturer, Marflex International has developed a patented process for the world's first flexible, magnet attractant wall mat that ships and displays coiled in a tube, but lies flat when mounted on the wall.

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