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      The Marshall Plan for the 90's


        This questionnaire has been designed to enable you to purchase a Customized Scheduling board without visiting our showroom in Markham, Ontario or being seen by our Consultant.


        1. Printout the next few pages.
        2. Answer the series of questions on the next two pages.
        3. Sketch out what you think your board should look like on the sheet provided.
        4. Fax all 3 pages to our design staff at 905-479-9735 for a quote
          outlining our recommendations


        The Planning Centre has specialized in designing and manufacturing custom planning boards for over 20 years and can provide you with the following types:

        TRIONA plastic peg- type: compact, versatile, expandable, light weight, and best suited when displayed info is relatively static.

        MARWRITE custom gridded non magnet attractant white boards in sizes up to 5" x 16". Permanent or temporary grid lines. Write on - wipe off surface.

        MARMAG custom gridded magnet attractant white boards in sizes up to
        5" x
        16". Permanent or temporary grid lines. Large selection of magnetic indicators in stock. Write on - wipe off surface.

        NEW ! PATENTED ! Marflex flexible magnet attractant white boards with computer designed (CAD) full color graphics. Full complement of magnets available. Delivered to you in a tube-
        easy to wall mount-so light,


      1. Is there any type of scheduling board in use, that you are trying to
        replace with the new one? ___Yes ___No

      2. Describe what type you are replacing.

      3. Please explain why you wish to acquire a new one.

      4. If you were going to title your new board what would you call it?

      5. Describe what information you wish to convey with this board.

      6. What board type do you prefer?
        ___Marker board ___Peg type system ___No preference

      7. What will you be listing down the left hand side Y axis" of your board?

        ___Jobs ___Personnel ___Vehicles ___Events ___Machines ___________________Other Explain.

      8. How many of the above will be listed?

      9. Would you like to assign a secondary function to these Y axis" items eg. operators to machines, drivers to vehicles, consultants to jobs etc?
        ___Yes ___No?

      10. If "Yes" to (9) above, how many secondary items and how do they relate to the "y axis" items? Explain.

      11. If you wish to control by stages or operations, please define, ie. orders received, materials ordered, production commenced, etc.

      12. What will be displayed across the top of your board "X axis"?
        ___Time ___Mileage ___Location ___Dates ______________________Other Explain

      13. What is the maximum span of ..X axis" items required? eg. 12 months, 10,000 miles etc. Please explain.

      14. What is the smallest unit required? eg. 1 week, 1 month, 10 miles, 1000 miles etc. Please explain.

      15. Do you wish to restrict the dimensions of the board? If so, please state maximum dimensions. ___Width x ___Height

      16. Using the sketch sheet,please draw what you think your board should look like. Put In dimensions(use inches only). Minimum grid space 1/4". Allow 1" in both directions for the 1/2". framing.
        E-mail or fax: 905-479-9735


      17. Many customers prefer us to apply a removable tape grid before having permanent lines applied to the new board. This way a layout can be tried out and then changed if modifications are needed. If this is the case we will also quote separately on regridding the board with permanent lines at a later date.

        ___Yes ___No


      18. Should you wish us to title the board using our vinyl characters, please show all titling on your sketch. Titling required,

        ___Yes ___No

      19. All of our boards are trimmed with satin anodized aluminum framing and come complete with hanging hardware. Should you require a full length pen tray please indicate.

        ___Yes ___No

      20. You will be using white board markers (VO-24) for the magnetic and non-magnetic white boards, and our water soluble markers(VO-23) if you are ordering our write-on /Wipeoff magnetic striping. Markers required? Yes, VO-24, VO-23 Markers not required.

        TRADE IN POLICY marshall visual products Inc. has been distributing Visual ORGANIZER TM. erasable calendars and schedulers since 1984. On many, will appear a white and gold sticker as illustrated. Should your company have a Visual ORGANIZIER TM. with a sticker attached, simply detach the sticker and apply it over the one shown. When our staff sees this sticker on the questionnaire, the face value will be deducted from the price of your new scheduling board. The result - your organizer is completely FREE!!! THE EXCLUSIVE VALUE ALL MONEY BACK! TRADE IN CERTIFICATE FOR A CUSTOMIZED PLANNING BOARD.

      Money Back Certificate

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