FACT: Most whiteboards quickly stain, a term often called "ghosting", within 3-4 months of use. Causes for this are numerous; low odour markers (pigment emulsion stays on board), incorrect markers, air pollution, dirty brushes, the use of abrasive cleaners, aggressive rubbing etc.

FACT: Most commercially available board cleaners are not effective stain removers and leave a residue.

FACT: Dirty whiteboards contribute to eye strain and headaches in an office environment.

Our "CLEANKEEP" Program

Whiteboard replacement ranges from $6 to $40 per square foot depending on quality. Instead, let us professionally clean them for a fraction of the cost with our amazing new RAMFOAM.

So what is RAMFOAM?

Quite simply the best surface cleaner on the market today. Unlike all other liquid board cleaners, RAMFOAM clings to the board while it dissolves ink residue build-up. It is fully biodegradable, safe and natural. It is free of any toxins or acids. Further it is phosphor-free, gentle to the skin and non-abrasive.

Approved by The Allergy and Asthma Research Centre of Helsinki, Finland. Safe for use by allergy and asthma sufferers and tested and approved by The Swiss Federal Environment Laboratories

And there is more!

Lab tests show that in the case of the melamine surface, RAMFOAM'S polishing abilities actually increases surface gloss units by 28%!

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